Develop & Scale Your SaaS Platforms

Areas of Expertise

A need to provide a competitive product in an ever changing technology landscape while maintaining quality remains a key challenge for SaaS companies. With the current pace of innovation, it is critical to have a speedy time to market without compromising on quality. As a one stop shop for its partners in typically long standing relationships, SSI has deep experience in understating your strategic vision and helping you deliver without having to think about resource constraints and challenges with hiring and managing your own development teams. Our domain knowledge in the latest tools & technologies ensures that we help you launch a cutting edge product on time and within budget.

What We Do


  • Market Research
  • Business Evaluation
  • Research & Development
  • Process Evaluation & Review
  • Risk Analysis


  • Modeling Approach
  • Tools & Technologies
  • Project Plan
  • Data Migration


  • Requirements
  • Analysis & Design
  • Data Preparation
  • Proof of Concept


  • Production
  • Quality Control & Testing
  • Feature Enhancement

What Our Clients Say

“SSI's strategic partnership was invaluable to our growth as a startup. Multiple SSI teams engaged to help us architect our SaaS product suite on an aggressive timeline across multiple platforms, providing not only leadership managing our technology but innovative thinking for developing our solutions. I look forward to many more years of collaboration”


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