Wanko InformationsLogistik

Client: Wanko is a logistics company that provides a leading edge system-based integrated logistics control and fleet forwarding solution comprising of warehouse management, route planning, and telematics. The software solution enables planning, control and monitoring of the entire logistics process.

Challenge: Wanko identified a pressing need to update their decades old legacy product to meet modern technology standards in order to stay ahead of new technological developments and innovations. The client looked to expand and upgrade their core product for enhanced flexibility, scalability and connectivity. Wanko partnered with Strategic Systems International to improve the overall project architecture, incorporate new features, establish/implement new Object Relational Mapping with a completely customized model for the back-end and improve connectivity for the front-end. The front end further required highly customizable GUI controls to complete the requirements of ORM.

Our experts bring substantial software engineering and solution administration expertise to the table along with their ability to instantly grasp the drivers behind our clients’ projects. For Wanko, a team of architects, business analysts and support specialists was formed that helped define requirements and set up the strategy for a new web-based platform introducing a comprehensive solution to increase platform’s stability, enhanced scalability and new features.

Solution: Our team developed complex GUI controls for the client that include Relationship Designer, Tab Panel, Combo Box, Gantt charts, Consumption Charts etc. These controls are highly performant and customizable and offer solutions that are not readily available in other GUI libraries. The solution also introduced new repositories and branching systems on Git. Furthermore, major changes were made to the database layer by the addition of new transaction handlings, SQL parameter handlings, and a new cascade delete system.

The team also defined ways to detect, handle and avoid memory leaks around the product and added features like LINQ, dynamic project loading etc., that considerably improved the overall development of the platform.

Result: Wanko has been successful in drawing positive feedback from their current and new customers after presenting several demos of the innovative platform.

Tools & Technologies: Microsoft .Net5, Blazor, DotMemory, JavaScript, JQuery, D3 JS, HTML5, CSS3, Typescript, Web sockets, VS Code, VS2019, SQ2019, TFS, Git, Perforce.