Optimé Supply Chain

Client: Optimé Supply Chain is a disruptive leader in healthcare materials management, supply chain design, application development and mathematical optimization modeling. Optimé Supply Chain helps clients simplify the most intricate supply chain problems by providing a suite of solutions.

Challenge: Healthcare supply chain management is consistently afflicted by considerable challenges and issues that include healthcare reform, reimbursement cuts and new consumer demands for transparency and accountability etc. These challenges require holistic solutions to improve efficiency, control costs, increase revenue and improve quality. Other major challenges that typically plague healthcare supply chain include quality data presentation to put up with stakeholder interrogation, stakeholders engagement in expense management processes, solving complex supplier bid analytics and expense management success monitoring etc.
Optimé Supply Chain was seeking a development partner with domain knowledge of supply chain design, sourcing and optimization. SSI worked closely with the client to develop a comprehensive web-based solution to address the aforementioned challenges.

Solution: Engineers and data scientists at SSI developed a complete healthcare supply chain optimization solution with a SaaS platform, a comprehensive suite of web-based technology applications and tech-enabled services. SSI delivered exclusive workflow and optimization applications using a customized approach which ensures easy configuration with existing processes.
The platform comes with two suites designed for strategic sourcing optimization and inventory optimization.  These suites are highly configurable and can integrate seamlessly into organizations' current operations

  • Strategic Sourcing Optimization Suite: This suite consists of two applications, SmartPROCUREMENT™ and SmartWORKFLOW™.
    SmartPROCUREMENT™ solves the complex math of supplier bid analysis and facilitates stakeholder communications. SmartWORKFLOW™ includes strategic sourcing methodology, contract life-cycle management and project savings tracking.
  • Inventory Optimization Suite: This suite comes with an application called SmartINVENTORY™. It provides demand forecasting and inventory optimization capabilities to help health systems match supply levels to patient demand and reduce the overall inventory levels and costs.

Result: The supply chain optimization software developed by SSI helped the clients of Optimé Supply Chain lower costs through price concessions, incentive maximization, and waste reduction. The solution has helped the healthcare providers analyze opportunities, enfranchise stakeholders, engage suppliers, and improve the quality of care.