The Gemini Companies (Now Ultimus Fund Solutions)

Client:  The Gemini Companies (Now Ultimus Fund Solutions) provide pooled investment solutions to independent advisors and the investment community. They offer a multitude of comprehensive service options which include examination of mutual funds, hedge funds, exchange-traded funds and other pooled investment products, together with the distribution services.

Challenge:  Gemini Hedge is a web-based application which offers comprehensive fund administration for hedge fund products, coordinated with a consultative approach to help bring fund products to market.This application was previously built in Scala and PostgreSQL (as a database). The client required the backend to be migrated to Asp.Net.

Solution:  SSI conducted a technology evaluation to analyze the application for transfer to Microsoft based technologies. During development, SSI team faced challenges in migrating the core business logic as it involved a great deal of intricate financial calculations. Engineers at SSI worked closely with the Gemini team to reverse-engineer the business logic from the existing Scala application; therefore replacing Scala and PostgreSQL with Asp.Net and SQL Server 2014.

Result: The technology migration was a seamless experience for the client as all features and functionalities performed as planned. The application ‘Gemini Hedge’ is live for Gemini’s clients with a growing user base, and SSI has been retained for ongoing enhancements of the application.

Tools and Technologies: