Scientific Financial Systems

Client: Scientific Financial Systems is an entrepreneurial team of quantitative investment practitioners and data scientists motivated to improve the investment technology. With more than 25 years experience in quantitative research and active fund management, they provide tools for researching and implementing quantitative strategies in a flexible, efficient and extensible environment.

Challenge: Our client, Scientific Financial, had previously built an application with features that facilitate quantitative research. However, the backend of the application needed an upgrade in terms of space and capacity to incorporate large sets of financial data, complicated database schemas, extensive SQL queries and carefully managed data pipelines for reliable and well-structured datasets for analytics. There were few front-end design challenges involved as well such as outdated architecture and complex interfaces.

The client was looking for a vendor  to upgrade and re-engineer the user interface using modern technologies and further improve the back-end financial data handling with innovative technology solutions. Following our previous partnership success with clients in the similar domain – and the deep-rooted knowledge and expertise that our team has gained working on relevant industry applications– Scientific Financial chose Strategic Systems International to carry out the upgrade. 

Solution: A team of data engineers was set up to work on the complex data sets and query writing for financial data. A noteworthy aspect that makes the partnership more interesting is the skills and experience SSI gained working with Thomson Reuters financial data; Scientific Financials uses Thomson Reuters database for the complex data pipelines. The team provided solutions for advanced SQL writing, data validations and data integrations with the back-end developed in Python.

SSI also included front-end engineers who worked on the legacy React application and re-engineered a significant part of the platform to achieve the following;

  • Upgraded to the latest React version
  • Refactored major modules to use the updated network layer on Redux Saga
  • Created new UI flows to display system functionality in an intuitive way
  • Created demos for clients with customized requirements

Result: Scientific Financials was able to increase its client base using enhanced data pipeline and updated UI. Some key client demos were successfully delivered that helped the company grow and reach new users.

Tools & Technologies: React, Redux, SQL Server, Python, Django