Client: ScaleFunder is a subscription-based digital fundraising platform that gives academic institutes the ability to fundraise through crowdfunding. Through an institution’s custom-branded crowdfunding website, ScaleFunder allows constituents to follow, share, and donate to the projects that resonate with them.

Challenge: ScaleFunder has two products; Crowdfunding and Giving Day. With an ambitious product roadmap constraining resources of the engineering team, ScaleFunder engaged SSI to outsource Quality Assurance and Testing of its products. The team worked in close coordination with the Engineering Team and Product Mangers at ScaleFunder to research, plan and execute detailed use cases and scenarios to test the application based on new functionality.

The SSI team was responsible for not only performing all testing, but also implementing robust and scalable processes that helped improve the coordination and communication between the various parties that needed to work together during the planning, development, testing, and release of the software. This process included communication protocols, use of tools to log, track and follow-up on issues and observations as well as regular meetings to discuss requirements, release plans and feedback.

In addition to performing functional testing, the SSI team also performed regular regression tests to ensure that the existing functionality and performance was not negatively affected as new modifications and functionality was introduced.

Solution: SSI performed quality analysis and testing of their products aligned with internal sprints at ScaleFunder. SSI introduced a customized process, performed testing based on well organized scripts and use-cases, reported issues, observations and recommendationsto the engineering and product teams,which resulted in the quality of the application being improved significantly.

Result: With SSI as a partner, ScaleFunder’s own engineering resources could focus on meeting their product roadmap goals. With the introduction of an industrialized process and documentation, product releases improved in quality. The business impact is an improvement of user experience and client retention.

 Tools & Technologies: