Client: Mercy Health’s supply chain organization, ROi (Resource Optimization & Innovation), is a disruptive leader in healthcare supply chain management with headquarters in Missouri, United States. ROi is a provider-owned Accountable Supply Chain Organization™ that delivers end-to-end supply chain solutions with significant results. Mercy and ROi have been amongst the top 5 in “Gartner Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25” based on ranking average since the ranking was established in 2009.

Challenge: ROi was looking for a solution provider that could provide services to help enhance its award-winning, cutting-edge supply chain solutions by developing innovative offerings to optimize the healthcare supply chain. Strategic Systems International (SSI) was contracted based on our extensive experience in delivering front-line solutions to the supply chain industry. Explore 40+ real-world case studies here.  

Solution: ROi partnered with The Optimé Group to develop an integrated software platform through its team of U.S. supply chain experts & international technology professionals. The platform provided the following features and functionalities;

Data Ingestion and Interface

  • Cloud-based web application providing direct integration with on-premises enterprise systems through secure VPN
  • Support for structured data sources and semi-structured data files
  • DIY mapping and transformation capabilities for ETL into destination app tables

Data Quality Management

  • Real-time match engine and batch modes for matching ingested data
  • Rule Builder providing built-in matching rules
  • Standardization workflow with auto-review (exact match) and manual review (partial match) functionalities
  • Bulk mode and archiving functionality for users to work the standardization data more productively

Master Data Management (MDM) & Delivery

  • Single source-of-truth (master/aliases) for business entities/dimensions (suppliers, items) and relations/hierarchies
  • Data enrichment through extensible schemas for entities/dimensions
  • Ability to manually add/update master data with traceability of changes
  • Scheduled delivery of master and aliases data into client’s data mart

Advanced Analytics

  • Analytics Workflow for cost and saving studies on historical and current data of members
  • Wizard-driven “what if” approach for walking the analyst through possible combinations of selections/outcomes
  • Export mechanism for offline extraction of CSV outputs for large cost/saving studies

Results: The Optimé developed platform enabled true analytics into data by maximizing data coherence across business entities/applications. Consequently, memberships & sales increased manifold.