Client: Nwaora’s team had conceptualized a social media mobile app for new parents to share updates, pictures, and other media with a close circle of family and friends. The app also closely tracks each phase of the child’s development and compares it to national averages.

ChallengeThe mobile app was conceptualized with user friendly UI/ UX for easy use and a familiar social media experience along with some unique features and functionalities to set it apart. Additionally, the app incorporates analytics for easy viewing of milestones. Nwoara’s team wanted this app to be released for iOS and Android simultaneously.

Solution: SSI’s team worked with Nwaora to first conceptualize and document the product using our proprietary methodology and framework for product development. Once the ideation was completed our team of UI/ UX designers developed extensive wireframes. Finally, SSI developed the mobile app using Xamarin as its cross platform technology choice to make it available to both Android and IOS users.

Result: Nwaora launched the app in beta with excellent feedback from test users while the product roadmap is continuing to evolved towards further features and functionalities.

Tools & Technologies: