MenuAmbition by Certainte

Client: MenuAmbition by Certainte is a Chicago-based firm that aims to revolutionize the Correctional Food Service (CFS) industry by connecting food suppliers and operators with the help of a digitally centralized marketplace that makes use of economic decision-making tools to meet extensive nutritional requirements while optimizing costs.

Challenge: The limitations and inefficiencies of the decades-old food-group logic made the client recognize the need for a scientific method to determine and prevent unnecessary costs incurred in menu decision-making. The client used Nutrient Economics Data to digitize and improve menu decision-making and reduce the amount of money spent on correctional food services. It had turned out to be challenging to create high-quality menus and ensure cost-effectiveness simultaneously. Strategic Systems International (SSI) was brought on board – considering the decades-old expertise in building platforms that use mathematical models – to implement a detailed solution using cutting-edge AWS cloud technologies that address these potential weaknesses and limitations for food vendors to manage their products and enable the automation of food menus.

Solution: Experts at SSI designed and developed a cloud-based model that enables clients to maintain a complete inventory of their food items and thus, ensure inventory optimization. Users are required to configure an optimization model based on various factors, within the digitized platform, allowing them to create customized and cost-effective menus. These menus can be analyzed on multiple dashboards, and to ensure seamless provision of information to clients, the system is further synced with a number of Food and Nutrition Databases.

Results: This comprehensive software application designed by SSI is expected to enable MenuAmbition to attract a significant number of food vendors – especially those providing food to prisons and hospitals.

Tools & Technologies: React, Redux, SQL Server, Python, Django