Lime Brokerage

The Client: Lime Brokerage is a leading financial services company providing advanced trading technologies to automated traders and institutions and creating access to high-volume electronic trading markets. Lime’s trading applications allow clients to trade efficiently and anonymously across diverse market venues.

The Challenge: Strategy Studio, Lime’s flagship software suite is a high performance multi-asset class trading engine, designed for efficient implementation, testing, and deployment of algorithmic trading strategies. Even with one of the best teams of financial engineers and an easy to use, end-to-end solution for high frequency electronic trading, the user base of the product was fairly limited. Lime was looking to enhance this product by making it visually more appealing and intuitive without compromising on performance.

The Solutions: Strategic Systems International (SSI) helped redesign the application using the latest tools and technology. It migrated the entire platform to the newer and more efficient Microsoft Windows Presentation Framework software, which has better features from the usability perspective, including rich graphics. On the back end, SSI has taken on more responsibility, programming the logic functions and connecting sophisticated applications with financial exchanges to facilitate ultra high speed “low latency” trading. It developed a risk management solution with front- and back-end components.

The Results: Through a growing partnership with SSI, Lime was able to significantly improve the intuitiveness and functionality of Strategy Studio, making it stand out in the marketplace. Prospective clients were targeted at an accelerated pace. The bottom line has been a major increase in market share and a more satisfied customer base.