Client: IRES GmbH is a technology company that specializes in the development, production and rental of new equipment for drying and mold removal with intelligent infrared technology. The HyDRY Base is IRES’s flagship product, which is one of the first devices of new generation Building Drying Systems.

Challenge: HyDRY product uses six different algorithms for its operations. The algorithms to dry walls were very complex. IRES wanted that one out of six algorithms should execute itself automatically on the panel with no human intervention while other five algorithms remain static with their respective inputs.

Another challenge was to have a dashboard through which they could collect control panel’s functional data to analyze and optimize it for the improvement of power consumption.

Solution: SSI helped IRES in the development and successful rollout of their flagship product HyDRY. Firstly SSI created a complete embedded operating system for HyDRY devices which enabled device monitoring and also allowed the user to program the device based on the environment conditions in which those panels were deployed.

SSI also created an intuitive UI for IRES to analyze and optimize data which was fed to HyDRY devices through the control panel, to reduce energy consumption.

Result: With the newly developed intelligent controller, the energy consumption is reduced by 70% which resulted in more sales of Hydry devices.

Tools and Technologies: