ImpactUs Marketplace

Client:  ImpactUS marketplace is an online broker-dealer platform which connects mission-driven organizations, institutions, individuals and advisors to an extensive range of investment opportunities focusing on financial and social results.

Challenge: With a growing ecosystem of social projects and startups, there was a need to build a funding platform that could source capital from investors interested in supporting this sector. Similarly, investors that are otherwise willing to invest in such initiatives become risk-averse due to lack of transparency. ImpactUs planned to address this challenge by developing a highly sought-after platform where investors could confidently contribute to any initiative with complete tracking of their investments.

Solution: In order to cater to this need, SSI in collaboration with Grandview Analytics, developed a platform which serves as a marketplace where potential investors are able to find products and vice versa. Grandview Analytics led project management and offered business logic consulting while SSI engineered the platform. ImpactUs platform has been carefully designed to accommodate multiple user roles. Primarily, the platform can be accessed as:

  • Issuer: The user with an issuer’s role issues a new product(projects) after going through a highly structured exercise formulated to ensure transparency. After relevant approvals, the investments on the product under analysis are enabled.
  • Investor: The investor invests in the product of his choice and in turn certain incentives are granted based on the product's designated yield and rate of interest.
  • Advisor: The advisor manages the investments on behalf of investors, views investment profiles and reports, and provides services to multiple investors.
  • Admin: The admin manages the request for new advisors and their assignment to corresponding investors, views overall system reports, verifies investments and transactions, validates investors performing manual transactions/investments, provides updates in issuer products and generates investor statements.

Additionally, the platform also allows creating authorized issuers and sub-accounts for investors. The account types are further segregated to ensure that the platform caters to a large user-base:

  • Individual Accounts
  • Joint Accounts
  • Corporate Accounts

Another important feature incorporated within the platform is progress tracking for the product issuers and investors by generating targeted statistics.

Result: With the help of this online marketplace, there is now a transparent investment platform that successfully bridges the gap between ideas/initiatives and the investors while consistently keeping the concerned parties together.

Tools and Technologies: