Client: Guide2Media deals in eContent Management and Publishing. Gudie2Media also has their own Product Information Managemetn (PIM) system  for print, web and e-business publishisng.

Challenge:  The client had a content management system in place and was struggling to reduce costs related to content review and correction which had to be done manually.

Solution: SSI developed an automated content review and fixing application that would perform diagnostics to identify erroneous records and for most scenarios could also fix the erroneous content and cleanup databases. The application also had a robust backup, recovery and rollback mechanism. Additionally, users could define new rules for data cleanup and could also build additional modules within the same application.

Result: Using the SSI developed application, Guide2Media was able to save significant time and effort required to manually review and correct the content. The new application also automated the content review/fixing process so the quality of content was greatly enhanced resulting in error-free and consistent content catalogs.

Tools & Technologies :