Client: DM-EDV is a leading German provider of information systems serving inpatient and ambulatory healthcare facilities. Its solutions include the management of billing, resource utilization, care planning and documentation. These flexible solutions are used in institutions and organizations of various sizes in the health sector with more than 1,900 customers using the flagship products worldwide.

Challenge: DM-EDV approached Strategic Systems International (SSI) seeking a technology assessment as it prepared to update a legacy solution covering inpatient as well as outpatient management needs related to patient data, accounting, planning, and administration. DM-EDV was planning to port this solution to newer tools/technologies and was looking for technology recommendations and training of their IT staff on these technologies. SSI conducted a technology assessment workshop for the customer and provided guidance about the technologies to be employed. SSI also conducted technology training workshops to train the DM-EDV team on these technologies. SSI developed the basic framework of the new application – the look and feel.

Originally DM-EDV wanted to develop the new application; most of its development group is German, creating a perceived language barrier, and the application is in German. However, a few months after the workshop, DM-EDV approached SSI again and asked to collaborate on the development of the new application and other projects.

Solution: SSI Decisions joined forces with DM-EDV to develop software solutions for the two major areas; inpatient care and outpatient care. DM-HPV, for inpatient care, is designed for management and billing. DM-DOKU7, for outpatient care, is designed as individual documentation solution for care and support. The complete modules for inpatient care and management include

  1. Administration
  2. Human resource planning
  3. Settlement SEPA Capability
  4. Rostering
  5. Care planning and documentation
  6. Mobile data entry
  7. Accounting
  8. Asset accounting
  9. Controlling

The complete modules for outpatient care and management include

  1. Management and master data
  2. Regulation management
  3. Water supply planning
  4. Open items management
  5. Data medium exchange
  6. Touring and scheduling
  7. Time recording
  8. Forms
  9. Nursing documentation
  10. Digital wound documentation

The applications used were Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Framework and Microsoft Prism, at the time the up-and-coming technologies for desktop application development. SSI conducted training for DM-EDV staff on up-to-date technologies. SSI is still involved with the client in migrating its huge application suite. This is now an ongoing collaborative relationship.

Result: DM-EDV succeeded in porting its large client base to the new application. It reported strong customer approval as it continued to grow its customer base. Over the years DM-EDV has been participating in various healthcare conferences and earning kudos for its technology.