Digital Fleet

Client: Digital Fleet, LLC. is a GPS asset tracking and fleet telematics company located in Chicago, IL. Digital Fleet provides reliable real-time fleet tracking solutions with customizable workflows and integration with operational systems particularly made for the construction materials and ready-mix concrete industries.

Challenge: Since Digital Fleet works in telematics domain, they have to deal with large amounts of data. Effective management of the rapid increase in data volume was being considered as a challenge by the client. The reporting module was very basic and needed an upgrade for high flexibility and efficiency. To make this upgrade possible, it was important to keep the data storage for reporting module separate from the production module. SSI pooled resources with Digital Fleet to build a product for the better management of the increasing data volume using SQL server. It was advised to use MongoDB in sync with SQL Server in real time because the reporting majorly consisted of near real time tracking of construction vehicles on maps.

Solution: SmartAnalytics is a tool designed and developed by SSI for well-organized reporting, better data visualization and customized dashboard layouts. It has three main features:

  • Query Builder: A rich UI to design complex drag and drop structures and creates text queries on run time.
  • Report Builder: Creates multi-section reports based on the queries designed in Query Builder.
  • Dashboard Builder: A widget based data visualization tool to build a customized dashboard layout of user’s choice.

A message broker service was  introduced to transfer the data persisted in MongoDB to MS SQL Server for real time data synchronization between MongoDB and MS SQL Server.  A wrapper module on top of RabbitMQ was also created to manage the speed of data transfer and to maintain the telematics data in a sequential order.

Result: The application helped improve operational efficiency of end clients of MSCI that utilized the application and solved a pain point.