Daily Burn

Client: Daily Burn is a leading online health and fitness brand delivering first-class video workout programs and personalized nutrition plans helping members reach their fitness goals. Daily Burn brings fitness and nutrition to members, anytime, anywhere, by streaming HD-quality workouts in a variety of disciplines.

Challenge: Daily Burn, a front-runner in delivering online health and fitness video workout programs to an extensive member base, needed a comprehensive process that enables an insight-driven measurement of customer satisfaction with enhanced security because rapid growth in member base over the years had resulted in increased number of fraudulent credit card transactions. The client was also experiencing legacy code challenges as it lacked thorough documentation and was outdated. Another challenge was the management of various applications simultaneously.

Daily Burn turned to Strategic Systems International as it had become the need of the hour for the client to rewrite the application with assistance from skilled developers with clean coding skills, and to prevent client side credit card fraud and save unnecessary charges charged by payment providers.

Solution: A dedicated team of engineers started by mapping out the client’s requirements and updated the application by rewriting legacy code using latest technologies. The team contributed to the design and development of Unified API with micro-service architecture in the backend. An automated transaction filter (one of the fraud filter tools) was incorporated in their payment platform to reduce the risk of credit card fraud – it detects user’s behaviors and refunds payments automatically.

During the peak of Covid-19, Daily Burn’s user base increased by up to 500% and the application infrastructure was backed by/given extra support to assist almost 500 users per second.

Result: The solution developed by SSI resulted in an error free, stable code. Client side prevention of fraudulent activities has helped the client save big amounts and battle credit card fraud. During Covid - 19, the application’s capacity to assist multiple users at once increased manifold, aiding in increased profit.  The application now requires less down time to roll new updates.