Client: Cointelegraph partnered with The TIE to create a premium service called Markets Pro by Cointelegraph for crypto traders and users to make timely agile decisions.

Strategic Systems International with three decades of expertise in building platforms enabled the client to help businesses in the cryptocurrency industry reach more-effective data-driven decisions as a result of the proprietary suite of robust analytical tools on faster market-moving information through social sentiment and Crypto SigDev™ feeds.

Challenge: The client required architecture, design, and development of a digital platform to facilitate the huge paid user base of Cointelegraph in a secure, scalable, and efficient way. One of the key requirements was for this service to be compatible with all different platforms - Web, iOS, and Android. Strategic Systems International’s teams comprising of the finest software engineers and business analysts in the tech industry served The TIE proprietary sentiment, news, coins performance, and ranking prediction (VORTEX™ Score) data through Markets Pro.

Solution: Strategic Systems International prepared special APIs to serve different clients of The TIE with all proprietary data. This system is highly scalable and secure. The system automatically scales up and down based on the increase and decrease in the number of users. This software application has a number of metrics in one place to assist users with data-driven insights on cryptocurrencies and with their investment decisions.

Results: Markets Pro by Cointelegraph first launched on the web portal back in April 2021, then gradually, SSI assisted The Tie to launch its iOS and Android versions as well. Markets Pro by Cointelegraph has now become a more than $5 Million product in less than one year of its launch.

Tools & Technologies:

Web: ROR, Js, Python, PostgresSQL, TradingView™ Charts, Discord, Firbas

iOS: ROR, Swift, Python, PostgresSQL, Firebase

Android: ROR, Kotline, Python, PostgresSQL, Firebase