Butler Street

Client: Butler Street specializes in helping companies and their sales staff grow through management consulting, training and research programs.  Their recommended approach involves knowledge sharing with the help of experienced C-Level executives who help companies achieve lasting results in Client Development and Talent Development. Butler Street’s approach is designed to advance client relationships, improve the team’s decision making, provide actionable insights and deliver measurable results.

Challenge: Butler Street’s legacy software for client management incorporated numerous features that include clients’ key accounts management, account details documentation, mathematical modeling to calculate risks and relationships matrix.  The legacy software had a separate version installed for each client and required a significant amount of upkeep. Besides this, the application was not delivering optimal performance due to an outdated architecture and a user experience that lacked sophistication. Butler Street looked for a technology partner with extensive experience in enterprise-class product development.

Solution: SSI’s engineering team developed a revised version of the application that provided software multitenancy and multilingual support to manage a single instance for all their clients. SSI also worked on the enhancement of UI / UX for an improved and intuitive user interaction. Customizable notification alerts were incorporated in the system to keep users on top of their assignments at all times. SSI also added other CRM integrations like Salesforce to enhance their client base.

As an AWS Partner, our AWS certified team implemented Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to adjust the production environment. This is a long-term relationship in which the team is collaborating closely with the Butler Street team to plan and develop enhancements.

Result: SSI’s team achieved tight deadlines for critical releases as new features and functionalities had been committed to Butler Street clients. They have been able to scale the platform part of the business through the new architecture implemented by our team, and have driven subscriptions from their clients. The enhancement of UI/ UX has helped drive usage and client acquisition.

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