Agency Crafting eCommerce Campaigns for a Prominent Online Retailer

Client: A web application designed to facilitate Amazon vendors to publish online catalogs and monitor Amazon ad campaigns. Helps manage vendor stocks, generate alerts and provides intuitively designed analytical dashboards. They have helped top consumer brands, craft and implement successful advertising, social, search, sales, and supply chain programs in order to realize substantial e-commerce and Omni-channel successes.

Challenge: Due to a large clientele, many products to manage and lots of routine manual work, for example, downloading, analyzing and sorting; managing campaigns for clients was becoming complex and time-consuming for the client. Being challenged with this manual routine task, they were finding it difficult to scale and grow their business.

Solution: Strategic Systems International performed a systematic audit of their work-flows and built a platform which automated the clients' business processes. Operations are now carried out with speed, accuracy, and efficiency with data insights that enables timely and smart decisions. Their platform has automated much of dynamic campaign management, keyword identification and has added sophistication to all parts of its operations.

Results: Since the launch of client's platform, their business has observed hockey stick growth. They are now able to onboard even larger clients and manage multiple campaigns in parallel as operations and business intelligence has been mostly automated.