Strategic Systems International (SSI) Joins IBM Partnerworld

Strategic Systems International, an advanced analytics and software engineering firm, announced today that it has become a member of IBM Partnerworld Program. Having achieved the member level status, Strategic Systems International can now leverage partner-enabled IBM benefits, educational opportunities and incentives in addition to utilizing unmatched expertise and leading-edge solutions offered by IBM to better serve our clients.

As a member of the Partnerworld program, Strategic Systems International has unlocked rich and flexible suite of benefits comprising of education and training opportunities such as online trainings, demo and development systems, IBM solutions validation, third party discounts etc., along with the access to several marketing and selling features including joint marketing, collaborative selling, global solution delivery, and IBM Client Centers etc.

Client enablement is essential to both IBM and Strategic Systems International and combining IBM’s market leading, bespoke solutions with our expertise in delivering innovative advanced analytics and software engineering solutions can lead to endless possibilities and enhanced scalability.

The IBM Partnerworld Program is a worldwide program founded on education and technical training to help IBM Partners improve their relationship with their clients. IBM Partnerworld offers a rich suite of sales and marketing tools, skill building courses and technical support to help you grow your business and drive increased profit. It encompasses the entire portfolio of industry-leading IBM technologies, products, services and financing.

Strategic Systems International (SSI) is Chicago-headquartered Advanced Analytics and Software Engineering firm that partners with Tech Companies to engineer products and Enterprises to build data-driven applications. Our key domains and sectors include Financial Services, Healthcare, Industrial, Supply Chain & Logistics, Digital Media, Information Services, and Internet of Things (IoT).

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