Top 5 Big Data Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Data is one of the key drivers of digital innovation that has shifted the ground under every business. The ability to make data-driven decisions to succeed and remain competitive in today’s business landscape is key for thriving organizations and big data does exactly that; it helps companies develop sustainable competitive advantage through data intelligence.

According to IDC, worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics (BDA) solutions are expected to reach $189.1 billion this year, an increase of 12.0% over 2018. By 2022, IDC expects worldwide BDA revenue to hit $274.3 billion. Companies that have employed smart strategies and state-of-the-art business analytics solutions for effective big data utilization are already reaping the benefits of digital innovation.

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Here we have identified top five big data trends that companies must look out for in 2019. Read to discover the digital transformation, Internet of Things and supply chain trends for 2019 on our blog.

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