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5G – The Innovation That Will Unlock The Potential Of IoT

This blog explores how IoT is likely to reach its full potential as 5G becomes its enabler. Read more…

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Web 3.0 – Biggest Disruption Yet Or Just Hype?

The journey towards a decentralized Internet, smarter web search and away from keywords has begun. Would it be the biggest disruption or just hype in the web hype-o-sphere? Learn with us.

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The Future Of Computing – Quantums, Qubits and More

We created an infographic that provides a broad overview of Quantum Computing – what makes this cutting-edge technology different than traditional computing and what are its potential applications across different industries. 

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What 2019 Has In Store For The Internet Of Things [Infographic]

IoT continues to make inroads into the business world with more companies now jumping on the bandwagon to stay ahead of the IoT curve. We have analyzed the top five trends that will dominate the IoT landscape in 2019.

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Can Emerging Technologies Make Procurement More Agile?

The blog identifies three major technologies that are being touted as the next big thing in procurement for increased efficiency and agility. Read more…

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Are Smart Machines the Future of Manufacturing

With industries striving to be more agile and cost effective in today’s competitive global business environment, is it safe to say smart machines are the future of manufacturing? Learn with us.

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