Our Success Stories

Thomson Reuters

A financial data predictive analytics software for quantitative researchers, portfolio managers and technical analysts for a global financial firm.

Trinity Health

A platform to improve procurement efficiency and manage contract monitoring and dynamic reporting challenges for one of the largest healthcare systems

US Steel Corportion

A robust supply chain management based on data science, supply chain management, business services and data integration for one of the prominent global steel producers

Flywheel Digital

Advanced analytics platform for analyzing Amazon ad campaigns and publishing online catalogs

Social Market Analytics

A social media analytics application to capture market sentiment for the finance industry using qualitative and quantitative methods for a disruptive leader in textual data analytics

The Optimé Group

A machine learning and advanced analytics mobile and SaaS platform developed using Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform for solving healthcare workforce challenges

Budget Rent a Car

An advanced statistical forecasting platform for revenue and yield management for one of the world’s best-known car rental brands


A SaaS solution for inpatient and outpatient record management, human resource planning and billing for a preeminent Healthtech company


An application developed using advanced analytics and mathematical optimization modeling to optimize optimal vendor search for a leading stainless steel sink company