Top Five AI-Powered IoT Startups [Infographic]

Many companies and industrial units are structuring their IoT approach and strategies, evaluating potential new IoT developments and seeking ways to drive more value from current IoT deployments. Data has turned into a torrent flowing into every area of the enterprise, thanks to the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This leads us to envision the role of AI to extract valuable insights from this data. These insights can be used to streamline industrial processes, enhance efficiency and identify maintenance issues before they progress towards major tribulations. Major vendors of IoT platform software now offer integrated AI capabilities such as machine learning-based analytics.

According to a latest survey by SADA Systems, 38% technology companies are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in 2018 and 31% companies are investing majorly in internet of things (IoT). The AI-powered industrial IoT space already has some of its own unicorn startups, for instance Uptake with $117 million in funding and a $2.3 billion valuation and C3 IoT with $243 million in VC funding and $1.4-plus billion valuation. Microsoft also invested $6.5 billion into its IoT efforts.

We have evaluated a few articles online and identified top five most promising AI-powered IoT startups that are using sensors plus brains to change the world with innovative tech.

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