Trinity Health

Client: Michigan-based Trinity Health is one of the largest non-profit, multi-institutional Catholic healthcare delivery systems operating 93 hospitals in 22 states. Trinity Health supports 120 continuing care programs that include PACE, senior living facilities, and home care and hospice services.

Challenge: Trinity Health needed a platform to monitor and manage the increasingly evolving procurement processes. After a thorough analysis, Trinity Health selected Strategic Systems International (SSI) as a best fit for their needs due to our experience in developing similar solutions within the healthcare industry. The static procurement processes needed extra consideration as certain modifications, adjustments or even addition of a new process required manual updates and releases, leading to increased manual handling. SSI’s solution helped Trinity Health to transform their procurement processes and manage core challenges such as contract lifecycle management, dynamic reports, contract induction processes, dynamic process configuration etc.

Solution: SSI developed a platform to provide a suite of solutions including strategic sourcing methodology, contract life-cycle management and reporting to Trinity Health. A form builder to define processes and steps, a report builder for dynamic reporting and comprehensive dashboards for progress monitoring were also incorporated to improve operational efficiency.

Results: The solution increased productivity for the sourcing team allowing them to conduct many more sourcing engagements while increasing ability to collaborate within the team and with other functional areas. Trinity Health also now has the ability to track timely renewals and negotiations of contracts so they are not losing any pricing due to expiration of contracts. Finally, the platform acts as a centralized repository of critical information and a single source of truth for users.