Software Alliance Limited

Client: Software Alliance Limited ("SAL") is a UK-based financial technology company with over a decade of expertise in developing financial modeling solutions and services for the insurance industry. Software Alliance Limited provides financial modeling solutions through its modeling platform called allows organizations to redefine and radically improve their modeling capabilities by allowing them to develop their own personalized, scalable models for a range of business applications.

Challenge: Software Alliance Limited was looking for ways to mobilize its legacy financial modeling platform which was primarily designed as a desktop application. Software Alliance Limited required a mobile modeling app with the purpose of implementing sets of existing standards to run as a service and return results to the clients in real time. Better network connectivity, responsive website, and integration of with many other modern elements of insurance enterprise architecture were preferred features while considering the upgrade.

Solution: In order to cater to the needs, SSI teamed up with Software Alliance Limited to develop a mobile modeler app for major mobile platforms and devices which will help users to determine user preferences and needs for a specific insurance related product. The mobile modeling app was delivered within the assigned time. SSI developed the mobile modeler app with the following features:

  1. A responsive website.
  2. Better network connectivity
  3. Integration with new standards
  4. Rich user experience

The first version is only designed for iOS. In future, there will be necessary adaptations made to other mobile platforms and for more financial models.

Result: With SSI’s partnership, Software Alliance Limited was able to launch its financial modeling platform with a rich feature set for mobile users which have increased user-interaction and enhanced product usability.

Tools & Technologies: