A Seamless Remote Proctoring Platform

Client: PSI Services LLC (PSI) is an industry-leading professional testing services provider that offers a comprehensive solutions approach from test development to delivery to results processing. The testing services consist of pre-hire employment selection, administrative assessments, licensing and certification tests, distance learning testing, license management services etc. Large corporations, federal and state government agencies, professional associations, certifying bodies and leading academic institutions also benefit from the testing services provided by PSI.

Challenge: PSI aimed to develop two major platforms including;

  • Next Gen Remote Proctoring (NGRP): an online proctoring platform to administer unproctored online exams in a proctored environment.
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI): a standard to integrate rich learning applications (often remotely hosted and provided through third-party services) with platforms like learning management systems, portals, learning object repositories or other educational environments managed locally or in the cloud.

The client needed a well-experienced technology peer who could proactively contribute to their ideation process and provide front-end development services for both the projects under close supervision.  PSI turned to Strategic Systems International for the front-end development of the project.

A few challenges to be addressed here were the maintenance of academic integrity, security, quality assurance and enhancing the features. In addition to this, the main goal was to create the high-fidelity mockup and design recommendations to enrich the UX with user-centered design approach.

Solution: SSI’s engineering team designed the front end of these projects using the latest tools and technologies. The first project Next Gen Remote Proctoring (NGRP) has been developed to be accessible through a flexible cloud model.

It provides remote proctoring through webcams with two main views:

  • Online Remote Proctoring (Live View): The live session provides real-time monitoring with the help of PSI’s remote certified proctors. These proctors can supervise multiple exams simultaneously, converse with the candidates, view the shared screens and monitor the candidates through webcams.
  • Record & Review Remote Proctoring (Recorded View): The record and review sessions validate the identity and capture the entire exam session which is later reviewed by PSI’s Certified Proctors.

The second project, Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) is designed to provide students with a seamless, integrated experience of scheduling exams and for instructors to quickly register and manage exams from within the learning management systems. This is done once the certified proctors have completed their multi-tiered proctoring review process.

Results: Front-end of the application designed by our engineers has been performing exceptionally well. End users have given overall positive feedback about the contemporary and user-friendly front-end.

Tools and Technologies: