Resilient Wellness

Client: Resilient Wellness is a tech startup that aims to provide a public health platform utilizing technology and system change frameworks to improve health equity. It allows healthcare providers to add their plans to the system with the partnership of insurance companies where patients can directly choose them according to their needs.

Challenge: The founders at Resilient Wellness approached Strategic Systems International (SSI) with a vision to build a Blockchain-based platform for public health equity –  a centralized platform that will bring healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients to work seamlessly together to empower community-building and enablement for collective health and sustainability. Strategic Systems International’s team of architects, business analysts, and support specialists possess in-depth knowledge and solution-driven expertise with a track record of delivering healthcare and wellness solutions for over three decades.

Our team became integral in building up the idea, transforming it into a digital product to facilitate different stakeholders.

Solution: Engineers at SSI built backend services for the business domain, the teams were involved in all the phases from design to the finished product. Smart contracts were architected into the platform as a traceable & trustable mechanism for Social Impact Bonds (SIBs). These allowed stakeholders to track medical documents, payments, and health outcomes of patients. SIBs also provided a token system with cash payouts to all parties for facilitating the disbursement process.

SSI Integrated different third-party services such as Twilio (phone, SMS), Recurly (payment gateway), and SendGrid (e-mail) to fulfill the requirements. The platform is a set of APIs that allows the system to track different information related to the patient, healthcare providers, documents, payments, communication, etc.

Results: SSl has successfully delivered the product to Resilient Wellness by completing the backend services. The software application has enabled the startup to bring healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patients on the same platform.

Tools & Technologies: Hyperledger Fabric (Burrow, Caliper, Composer, Explorer, Quilt), Indy (Crypto Wallet), Python, Flask, MySQL, Twilio, Azure, Recurly (Payment Integration), SendGrid