MyPeople Health

Client: MyPeople Health is a Chicago, IL-based healthcare startup that aims to prevent cancer through a care coordination platform.

Challenge: The idea of designing a care coordination platform surfaced to solve for vast administrative tasks surrounding preventive cancer care and early detection screening. The founders were seeking a development partner experienced in building intuitive web applications and architecting HIPAA compliant solutions.

Solution: Engineers at SSI developed a web-based platform using various Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform is designed to help patients coordinate clinical visits, sort through information, store doctors' notes, and manage care and roadmaps for their care journey. Features include appointment scheduling, progress tracking, calendars, doctors’ database, journals, care path decision making tools and admin portal etc. Furthermore, users are provided with the options to sync calendars with third party calendars such as iCal, Google, Outlook etc., and explore cancer topics, researches and insights etc.

Result: MyPeople Health is currently incubated at Matter, the largest healthtech incubator in the Midwest. The startup is in beta phase to collect information on user journeys, user interaction, and its set of features and functionalities.

Tools and Technologies: