Convergent Trading

Client: Convergent Trading is a Chicago-based Fintech company that provides market data and information to trading professionals. Through its portal, users can access advice and gain valuable insights about financial markets.

Challenge: The client hosted its community portal on WordPress, which had limited scalability and support for any new feature that was much needed to attract new customers. The open-sourced trading chat software “Rocket Chat” had critical bugs restricting user communication and visibility. Furthermore, the need to manage separate user accounts for the portal and chat software led to syncing issues that demanded extra manpower to resolve.

Solution: The SSI team suggested and facilitated the complete transition of the community portal from WordPress to InVision Community. It not only improved the scalability of the user base but also provided additional features that drew in new customers for Convergent Trading. The SSI team offered critical bug fixes and significant enhancements to the trading chat software. The solution included adjusting multi-containers servers with load balancers to improve user visibility and performance. SSI also implemented SSO (Single Sign-On) to unify the community portal and the chat software under one streamlined user account management system.

Results: Convergent Trading's migration from WordPress to InVision created immense value for its business. The visually appealing website and improved user experience have resulted in increased conversions. The streamlined content creation process saves valuable time and resources, enabling the company to focus on other critical aspects of its operations. In short, this strategic move has proven to be a game-changer, helping Convergent Trading achieve its business objectives while improving its overall efficiency and success.

Tools & Technologies: Invision Community portal (PHP, MySQL), Rocket Chat (Node.js, Angular.js, Mongo DB)