Client: CloudFlow is a subscription-based cloud computing platform that gives small and medium scale organizations the power to setup and manage their own network. Each organization can further divide their network and polices for each of their departments and those department can run their own private cloud from the main organizational cloud resource.

Challenge: Network topology is the key component of CloudFlow. Network topology is a technique to virtually draw the network devices on canvas and link them with each other and then apply security and authentication policies. The challenge was to let the users define their own network topology on a web-browser by simply controlling their device from the Device Navigation Panel to canvas and link them with as many wires as they like. Biggest challenge was to have the surety that all standard networking protocols are in place during the implementation of this project.

Solution: CloudFlow took SSI’s help to achieve the highly usable topology without violating the standard networking protocols. SSI used two separate technologies ExtJs and Draw2D to solve this challenge. With the integration of ExtJs, Draw2D with socket communication, CloudFlow now has a usable network topology canvas where their users can draw the network topology, reserve their network resources, validate, provision and activate the complete network of an organization. For ensuring standard network protocols, SSI used the Socket Communication with server on every possible event in the topology canvas and validates it right away.

Result: CloudFlow now has the competitive advantage over other comapanies of cloud computing because of this new device navigation panel which offers ease of choice to their clients.

Tools & Technologies: