Top Best Practices and Trends for Managing DevOps in 2021

One of the hottest trends for managing software and technology projects is DevOps — a method that uses agile and lean principles and brings operations and development engineers together throughout the entire lifecycle. IDC predicts the worldwide DevOps software market will reach $8 billion by 2022, up from $3.9 billion in 2017. Similarly, Grand View Research estimates the global DevOps market will hit $12.85 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 18.6 percent.

DevOps has evolved on a grand scale and has been shaping the world of software for the last few years. Experts suggest DevOps is going to be mainstream and its popularity is going to touch heights in 2021.

A Move from CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines

Pipelines show a complete visualization of the applications from source control to production where everything can be observed in a single pane. It’s not just about doing Continuous Integration (CI) anymore, it is about Continuous Delivery (CD); organizations are investing their time and effort into understanding more about automating their complete software development process. In order to support this shift, we’ll see more companies adopting tools that can handle multiple parts of the process, including those that span the build, deploy and release stages of the software delivery lifecycle.

Automation Will Become a Top Priority

Automation is an extensively discussed topic in DevOps. The DevOps cycle that includes 6 C’s i.e. continuous business planning, collaborative development, continuous testing, continuous release and deployment, continuous monitoring and customer feedback and optimization is a sophisticated model that makes the process of automation more lucrative for a software-powered organization. Applying automation between these stages is going to be the main goal in 2021.

Upsurge in Microservices Architecture Adoption

The correlation between DevOps and microservices continues to mature. Microservices are an effective way for organizations to deliver features to customers, as the approach allows a larger system to be broken into independent, loosely coupled constituents that can be delivered and run using containers. The combination acts as a rapid means to deliver change. Companies are expected to move to microservices architecture to increase their runtime and efficient delivery.

Security Will Become the Primary Focus

With an increase in the number of fraudulent activities and security breaches, cybersecurity has now become a business imperative. DevOps is expected to incorporate security. The shift to DevSecOps will encourage even greater collaboration in software development within enterprises. However, it will also require teams to come together to develop processes that will ensure the process remains efficient, seamless and effective.

AI and ML Encourage DevOps Growth

AI and ML fit perfectly in a DevOps culture. They can process vast amounts of information and help perform menial tasks, freeing the IT staff to do more targeted work. They can learn patterns, anticipate problems and suggest solutions. If DevOps’ goal is to combine development and operations, AI and ML can level some of the rigidities that have divided the two disciplines in the past.

DevOps is poised for healthy growth over the next several years, with analysts large and small weighing in with forecasts. For businesses that are already adopting or considering DevOps adoption, it’s essential to keep up with these and other trends. Do you need help with DevOps? We are here to help.

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