The Major Trend Discovered After 3 Months of NYC Tech Events

Over the last three months we’ve gone to a whirlwind of technology events in New York City. They’ve ranged from topics on Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bots, Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, to FinTech at large, startups and even property management technology. We’ve been to breakfasts at Microsoft, after-work drinks at Grubhub, been to a variety of accelerators, and yes even the week-long TechWeek conference.

Today it seems silly if someone says, “software is important and we should invest in it” when most of the small, medium, and gigantic-sized businesses are all focused on things like mobile first and digital transformation.

Let’s take a review of just of a few of the events we’ve been a part of over the last quarter to see if we can come up with any trends. The following is in reverse chronological order, of course, because we sometimes like to tweet out photos from our events so you can see what they look like:

  • A nice little FinTech gathering at Fordham, where one of our colleagues attended. It was a packed crowd as everyone was interested in crypto and blockchain. It’s seriously a major trend in NYC right now as you might imagine, since it’s the home of Wall St.

  • The second event we’ve been to at Moody’s in partnership with FirstMark capital. It’s always a massively packed room with hundreds of people fighting over pizza and to hear the startups do their pitch. Lots of database, AI platforms.

  • ThoughtWorks has had a few events recently as well. This one was on AI creating Music, standing room only. The chap gave a live demo of how it was all created. Pretty crazy stuff. The one before was even more insightful.

  • TechWeek was a blast and occurred all over the city. Have a look at our other post about it in details (lots of pictures as well).

    This was ThoughtWorks first event. They had planned for no more than 100 people to show up for their AI and Chat Bots events. But when they added Blockchain to the agenda at the last minute, they had over 400 people show up, one of their biggest ever. To say it’s a trend is a bit of an understatement. It’s more like the California Gold Rush. IBM was there presenting as was the SVP of Growth from

  • The FinTech Rising Conference was held in midtown this year. Some incredibly knowledgeable people were that to talk about Lending, Data, and Analytics.

  • Tech Breakfast is one of the longest running meetups in the city, this one held at Microsoft HQ. There was a gentleman showcasing his new live streaming video startup and another his layaway for everything startup.

  • The construction industry as well as the real estate and property management industry has been overlooked by the startup world for quite some time. But not any more. At this event you had representatives from all three, including one chat we met who had taken over his father’s concrete business in Chicago and was adding tech. Drones plus machine learning to check Wal-Mart parking lots for potholes and issues, to be exact. A smart transition.

  • Lest we forget an important but still not well-understood role, Product Management, this event is for only those people. It’s less network and presentation and more roundtable discussion about topics affecting the profession. This one was all about combating feature creep.

  • Our friends at Empire Startups put one of the single best events we’ve been to during our time over the last few months. Head and shoulders better crowd, more engaging speakers, and even held it at a law firm which gave it a bit more of a professional vibe. Our advice when picking which events to go to: choose the ones hosted at law firms, not at bars or restaurants.

  • This event was at a different law firm, this one focused specifically around cryptocurrencies and helping ICOs launch legally. The name? Pepper Hamilton.

There is a trend we’ve noticed now more than ever before. The more we talk to our friends, families, people in the tech industry (and outside of it), the more we see that everyone doesn’t just have a side hustle, everyone has a startup.

So how do you compete when everyone is shouting “Innovation!” and “Lean startups!” and “Direct to Consumer!” because they just discovered it. Well, there are only a few ways to stand out:

  • You build a better mousetrap and market it in a unique way

  • You move faster

That’s pretty much it. The startup graveyard is littered with bad ideas, too much funding (or more often, too little). So the only way you even have a shot is to work with people who’ve done this thing before. And not just once or twice. But over the course of decades to have built up enough scar tissue to see an oil slick or sink hole two miles down the road before anyone else, then take the next left to avoid the problem all together.

It takes experienced product management, experienced software development, and an experienced go-to-market strategy. Execution is the name of the game and instead of investing in cheap overseas labor that requires you to spend twice the amount of time and money fixing QA, DevOps, and architecture problems that should never have been there in the first place, the right approach is to do it right the first time.

SSI’s been doing this for well over two decades across pretty much every software and technology that has come and gone, and the stuff that has withstood the test of time. Data, analytics, optimization, FinTech, HealthTech or just general software tech, we know best. And not just the dev side. But the architecture up front, the QA during, and the DevOps to help it stay up and scale.

If you need an extra pair of hands to help fix the last team’s problems or scale FTEs up or down elastically, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today and lets chat about what you’re building.

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