The Internet of Supply Chain | Top Five Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Transforming the Supply Chain

Global supply chain management in 2018 has turned out to be more challenging and complex due to factors such as globalization, security, updates in regulations, and tighter product margins etc. Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled many tracking and monitoring solutions using open standard-based connected sensors.

According to a report by IDC and SAP, it is predicted that Internet of Things (IoT) will result in a 15% productivity increase in delivery and supply chain performance. What are some breakthrough companies and products helping shape the supply chain industry?

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IoT-Based Smart Reusable Pallets to Improve Supply Chain and Logistics

Every day billions of items flow through complex supply chains all across the world, relying on shipping pallets. These pallets are all set to add more functionality to their unassuming nature. A new solution comprising of connected pallets supports tracking, collecting and monitoring real-time data about their location, temperature, humidity, shocks, arrival/departure time etc. The data collected from connected pallets provides insights for manufacturers, logistics companies, retailers, insurers and even for the regulators.

  • RM2 International S.A. has introduced a connected smart pallet BLOCKPal in the supply chain sector by harnessing Internet of Things (IoT). The BLOCKPal pallet is embedded with RM2ELIoT, a wireless device that communicates to the Internet of Things, turning it into a smart pallet. This breakthrough by RM2 International enhances the supply chains by making them more sustainable, cost-effective, and traceable.
  • Ahrma is a Dutch startup and a frontrunner in the pallet industry. It has launched a revolutionary pallet that combines physical strength and impact resistance and includes high-end sensor technology for trace and track, measuring temperature and shocks.  
  • Palletech develops advanced pallets with no extra infrastructure for the manufacturing and transportation industries to track assets, monitor cargos, perform route and handling analysis etc. 

IoT-Based Smart Vehicle Monitoring and Analysis System to Manage Uncertainty

With many diverse players involved, uncertainty within supply chain management processes has always been a challenge. By making use of sensor-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the location and speed of vehicles can be tracked and maintenance alerts can be given.

An advanced telematics fleet management solution can provide real-time data about the vehicle performance and driver’s behavior. Real-time data makes it possible to provide periodic and real-time recommendations to the drivers so they can change routes and behavior when necessary. The solution helps companies optimize the fleet, reduce total idle time, save fuel and reduce accidents (by improving drivers' behavior).

  • The Kaa Project Enterprise IoT Platform is a fast and reliable way to implement smart logistics applications. Utilizing Kaa components for Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, logistics providers can achieve high levels of operational efficiency for fleet management, cargo integrity monitoring, and automated warehousing operations.

Smart Shipping Container Technology

With the proliferation of smart sensors and connectivity increasing, there is a bright new future progressing for the shipping containers. A cost-effective solution to monitor the condition of containers including the temperature, humidity, shocks etc. has been introduced recently. Furthermore, smart real-time streaming cameras can be attached to the containers with high-value items that have a high impact on insurance and transparency. As a result, companies may augment their ability to confirm the condition of a product during it being in transit, rather than having to rely on examining upon arrival. Improved security, logistical data, temperature monitoring, and connectivity indicate that simplistic shipping containers are no longer just metal boxes.

  • SecureSystem GmbH is an industrial-grade smart shipping container technology that enables real-time tracking of a container’s location, security, and integrity anywhere in the world.

Pack Smart: IoT-Enabled Smart Packaging Solutions

Connected packages can give useful information to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers and help them network. Information about condition of the product and its origin can increase transparency and trust between consumer and the brand. Moreover, data that retailers and manufacturers collect can be very helpful in terms of improving operational efficiency, development of new products and driving better campaigns based on consumer’s behavior.

Due to the low-cost sensors and connectivity, it has now become possible to monitor even folders of documents. These sensors are able to monitor the location and the open-close status of the folder in real-time.

  • Everthng Smart Software is a frontrunner in the smart product revolution making products more intelligent, more interactive and more trackable. 
  • StoraEnso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging. Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso drives digital transformation by providing real-time connectivity to retail, packaged products and delivery operations.

Strategic Systems International (SSI) is an Advanced Analytics and Software Engineering firm that delivers data-driven projects to tech companies and enterprises around the world. Explore our Internet of Things (IoT) success storiesContact us to learn how we can develop a solution featuring the cutting-edge technologies that can benefit your business. 

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IoT-Enabled Connected Worker Solutions

The growth of digital technology and Internet of Things (IoT), together with the convergence of operational and information technology, proclaims a new era for workers. By enabling a connected workforce that can use smart devices, and IoT-enabled assets, whole new levels of operational performance and safety can be achieved.

Measuring worker biometrics/stress/fatigue, broadcasting safety-related data from and to employees using IoT devices can both reduce the number of accidents and increase productivity. Another example, measuring the real-time location of the workers and drivers can help optimize logistics by informing them when and where to go instantly, but also can increase transparency among the company, the employee and the client since everything is monitored.

  • Rice Electronics Connected Worker Solution with Intel IoT technology provides robust communication between workers and remote operation centers, while simultaneously sharing vital near-real-time sensor data about the work environment. 

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