Technology Challenges at Hospitals

When was the last time you went to a doctor for a checkup and he told you that you can check your reports online! Not very long apparently. Healthcare industry is rapidly changing like our planet Earth is changing (Oops Global Warming), but on a serious note to cope up with today’s ever changing world, the implementation of technology has become very important in every field of healthcare and in every aspect of life.

However with the evolution of technology, there are certain responsibilities and challenges in hospitals that need to be taken care of

Data Security:

Nowadays enormous amount of data containing important information of patients is collected every day, as data breaches become more and more common, it is a major challenge for hospitals to protect patients data at rest (storage) as well as during flight (transfer) and making sure that the storage provider is following HIPAA guidelines in this regard to protect personal information and preventing health identity fraud. Many hospitals are coping with data security challenges and advising new method for immutability of data.

Data Management

Managing large data, presents a major opportunity for the healthcare industry, however due to large volumes of data, IT workers can easily find themselves in a mess of digitizing and backing enormous information, the success of big data depends upon the effectiveness of the hospital’s management to pursue their efforts in it. Data management remained a big challenge at hospitals since long.

High Cost:

Technology is consistently changing therefore implementing and upgrading technology is expensive, hospitals are continuously moving towards IT to cut expenses but the cost of implementing and sustaining the IT systems is a major challenge for the hospitals.

Information workflow:

Most Hospitals are implementing clinical information systems which are now integral part of patients workflow, as these systems go more and more integrated and connected, the dependency on them continues to increase and it causes a lot hindrance if the systems are corrupted or go out due to any unknown reason, causing potential threat to the health of patient at stake, so it’s a major responsibility of hospital’s management to provide a system of continuous and smooth information flow to physicians and concerned authorities.

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