SSI delivering seminar at Catapult Chicago

With Tech Startups occupied with growing clients and fighting operational fires every day, the strategy to scale operations and infrastructure can get pushed to the back-burner but a well thought out plan can save great pain and costs down the road. With this in mind, Catapult Chicago invited SSI to deliver a seminar on best practices to develop a scalable tech infrastructure.

Most participants had excellent things to say about the event however some of the key points acquired from the seminar are as follow

Joe Gits (Founder of Social Market Analytics)

  • Quality Control: do not allow clients to act as your quality control, try and make sure that your product is well tested before its launched. Any quality issues will create credibility gaps with clients.
  • Scaling: focus on what you do best and outsource other work to well selected partners
  • Resources: maintain only employees that are a good fit in the organization and are aligned with your overall goals
  • Infrastructure: think about outsourcing some of the infrastructure but maintaining some critical functions inhouse for control and also to keep costs in check
  • Celebrate every little success

Jordan Lowe (CEO ServerCentral )

  • Think about infrastructure needs early as they can rack up quickly

Humayun Latif (VP Development, SSI )

  • Make roadmaps and clear plans as you’re growing. Revisit existing plans and review them to measure your progress

  • Do not underestimate the POWER of outsourcing.Find the right partners for your non-core activities
  • Keep in touch with technology, trends and where things are headed. Think about how it can impact your product or how you can use technology to enable and innovate in your product or servies
  • Remember you’re selling your company to your employees all the time too. Spend the time to seek out, identify and onboard the right people to do the job
  • Get your brain out of technology sometimes to get the bigger perspective of life

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