Microsoft made “Xamarin for Everyone”

18th March,2016 was a big day for coders as Microsoft’s acquisition of Xamarin officially closed.  Xamarin is the only solution that unifies native iOS, Android and Windows app development in Visual Studio.

Is acquisition the right move?

Xamarin and Microsoft always felt like natural allies. Xamarin CEO and cofounder Nat Friedman is very optimistic about this acquisition; “We live in a multi-platform world and by embracing Xamarin, Microsoft is enabling its developer community to thrive as mobile developers. Our collaboration with Microsoft will accelerate enterprise mobility for millions of developers “. In just two years, Xamarin has a community of over 440,000 developers in 70 countries, more than 20,000 paying accounts and a network of over 120 consulting partners globally.

Why Xamarin ?

Microsoft’s original Windows 10 strategy was about bringing non-Windows applications to Windows, an approach that left many Windows developers frustrated.  Adding Xamarin’s tools to its developer platform gives Microsoft the missing piece. It helps Windows developers to build cross-platform apps that deliver user experiences on Mac OS X, iOS, and Android, as well as various versions of Windows 10. Microsoft now can approach enterprises with a complete native cross-platform development model, rather than its previous mix of Universal Windows Platform and Apache Cordova hybrid applications.

Xamarin Forms

Fun does not just end here. Developers now have option to use Xamarin Forms which was introduced in version 3.0 of the cross-platform mobile application development platform. As a cross-platform UI API, Xamarin.Forms enables developers to create and share user interfaces across iOS, Android and Windows Phone. At the same time, they have option to use native controls of each mobile platform while creating the user interface. Thus, it becomes easier for them to customize the user interface’s look and feel of the user interface for individual mobile platforms.

Keeping in view all the great advantages that Xamarin offeres, we at SSI also plunged into this technology and our developers are also adopting Xamarin for development now as it offers many flexible functionalities and the future looks promising for this technology.

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