Is beacon technology the next big thing in enterprise IT?

Beacon technology has been generating buzz since 2013, at first appeared that the new technology might take some for the customers to catch on, today it’s on the top list of priorities for retailers and other business entities. Beacons began as devices almost the size of an apple, today they’re mere stickers that can be placed on any desired location I-e Walls, objects etc. They use Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to find the location of the customers in stores or other places and deliver messages accordingly.

SSI had an opportunity for developing beacon- based application for its client GoStrive, which is a mobile application (StriveOn) to enhance the visitor experience in parks utilizing BLE iBeacon technology.

The Number of Beacon manufacturers is increasing every day; here are some of largest manufacturers of Beacon:

  • BlueCats Beacon is manufactured by Australian firm Plus Location Systems, as the name suggests the cat shaped Beacons have easily replaceable AA batteries and a mounting plate to connect it to the wall.


  • Estimote manufactures Beacons that are Apple iBeacon™ compatible as well as support Eddystone™, an open beacon format from Google.

The Future of Beacons:

Will beacon technology become the modern means of personalization and communication in the coming future? The odds are that the answers would probably be yes. Some of the examples of beacons used in IT enterprise are as follow


  • The retail market has already seen a major influx of these beacons. For example, a customer using a Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPhone can go into a store and receive a notification about sales from the store's app, delivered via beacon technology.


  • There are tangible benefits to using beacon-based asset-tracking technology internally to optimize operations. For example, organizations may drop beacons in with shipped packages to track movement and provide information throughout the entire logistics  journey


  • Robin, a startup based in Boston, offers conference room management technology that uses beacons.Software can automatically initiate a phone call or online meeting when a person enters a conference room and even change his or her presence status to "in a meeting”

Our smart phones have the capability to keep personal data secured, and using them in combination with beacon technology adds convenience to our daily lives. It could save significant time and money for consumers and businesses alike.

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