IoT 2017 Trends Report

Allow us to point you to a nice little 23-page deck on the Internet of Things.

Notably it looks like the sensors for self-driving and fitness are gaining capital and market share quickly. Mostly because of the massive consumer market size. The one I think is most relevant, however, to our future is in the upper left quadrant. Very little focus, very little funding, but massive potential impact.

Industrial Internet of Things and Industrial Sensors that can cost thousands of dollars. Add some intelligence to that, and you’ve got yourself a helluva market. It’s early days, but we’re working on some things for that now.

There are only 65 startups that have raised about $900. That’s about $13M each, which is a Seed + Series A round. Most of their focus is on supply chain, analytics, and of course robotics. See this note on China’s 800 startups investing heavily in this area. They’re coming in fast and furious.

They include Magic Leap in this data set, which may seem a bit odd from a commercial perspective. But if you take apart the smart glasses, what do you find? You guessed it. Sensors, sensors, sensors.

But what you don’t see is a Central Intelligence system that can understand and control these mulitsensory inputs.

For perpetuity’s sake:

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