Chrome OS and Android? How About Both !

What’s lacking?

Apple incorporated the ability to see all of your iOS’s notifications on your Mac. Microsoft followed suit with the same functionality for windows mobile and PC platform although with less success because of the lack of adoption for its mobile platform. The people are now looking at Google to do something similar with its mobile (Android) and Web/Desktop (Chrome/Chrome OS) platform.

And although there are 3rd party applications that may have similar functionality for Android there exists a serious need for coherence between the desktop and the web. Applications like Pushbullet are a must have for any Android user who wants to see their notifications, calls and messages on a desktop. But it’s far from perfect as there are some inconsistencies when it comes to synching your notifications, the UI is bulky and the text message functionality which lets you send SMS using this app is a hit and miss.


The Opportunity

Google has a brilliant opportunity here because of the similarities between its Chrome OS and Android. And they realize this because talks of incorporating the two OS’s features have been going on since Google’s I/O 2014. There were numerous rumors going on that Android has won the battle and was going to replace Chrome OS on the desktop but Google has put these rumors to rest with the announcement at this year’s I/O that Chrome OS is not going anywhere. However the best features of each OS are going to be incorporated in the other.

With this year’s Android N any future updates to the Android OS will be done silently in the background much like Chrome. Similarly back in April, some users like Reddit user InauspiciousPagan reported a glitch which hints that soon Android apps will be available on Chrome OS.

Although the option disappeared soon after but left hopes in the heart of fans.

The Future

There are things brewing up at Google about a possible hybrid between its two operating systems. Microsoft’s approach is a Hybrid one where the same OS is used for desktop and touch based interfaces and you just have to detach the keyboard to convert your laptop to a tablet like the Surface Pro. Apple’s approach is to use a beefier mobile OS for its tablets with the option to attach a keyboard. We have to see what Google comes up with in terms of merging its desktop and mobile interfaces. We could see Android working on both or a hugely integrated system between both of Google’s operating systems. Fingers crossed !

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