Chicago gets recognized as a top global tech hub – Hurray!

Chicago’s tech scene continues to thrive as it makes to the top 10 global tech innovation hubs. KPMG, the global professional services firm, surveyed 841 technology leaders across the world to name three cities to rival San Francisco or Silicon Valley with the potential of becoming top innovation hubs in the next four years. The KPMG survey report 2017 revealed Chicago to rank 6th worldwide.

According to the survey results, almost half of the respondents marked United States as the nucleus of innovation, although China, United Kingdom and Japan made it to the top of global tech innovation list. The KPMG’s 2017 report also indicates how U.S. and China have emerged as the most potential markets for technology breakthroughs.

“The United States remains the clear champion of tech innovation worldwide. But the gap between this most developed tech world and others is starting to narrow,” as stated by the author of the report.

Among the top tech cities comes Shanghai which was voted by 26% of respondents as a strong contender to Silicon Valley/San Francisco, followed by New York, Tokyo, Beijing and London. Chicago tied for sixth with Berlin and Washington, D.C. Chicago’s tech prowess gains recognition as it levels up from 18th place last year (2016) to 6th place this year.

KPMG Chicago tech industry leader, Mike Gervasio, pointed towards Chicago's talent, education and training programs, technology infrastructure, capital and incentives; plus he cited Chicago’s innovative culture as a contributing factor for Chicago’s blooming position as a tech hub. This culture has helped foster more than $1.7 billion funding in 2016 and has encouraged tech sector growth by focusing on the most promising trends in tech, like Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

We have always maintained that Chicago has excellent potential to be a global hub for technology and glad to see the city getting recognition it deserves!

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