12 Tech Theses for the 2030s

As we look into the far future, it helps us remove any thoughts of micro changes or fashionable chats of the day and instead move onto more fundamental forces that will shape our world. As is often the case in the world of tech, a fervor develops around any new startup proving a new model. Groupon made famous the Daily Deal frenzy, On Demand with Uber transformed every startup’s pitch into an on demand play, and AI now must come standard in every product that collects data.

But perhaps we need to extend our vision beyond this 5-year-olds chasing the same soccer ball and instead zag when the rest of the world zigs. As such, the “convergence” of different technologies coming together in new ways is where we see the real alpha of the future being created. Read between the lines of these 12 tech theses and you may understand the watch gears linked to one another, slowly cranking away that will assuredly improve our predictions about where the world is headed.

Explore the future of technology and venture capital where a new age of products and services will change our lives. What do you think about Space as a SAAS platform, Reality Retail, Superhuman Modifications, and Automatic Health Optimization?

Enjoy the exploration.


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